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What is Choral Denmark?

Choral Denmark - promotion of Danish choral culture

As a non-profit organisation Choral Denmark promotes the Danish Choral culture, the performers, scores and recordings in an international context.

The strategy is heavily focused on this website and a development of international communication and multimedia presentations. Choral Denmark also supports the participation of Danish performers in international events for Choral music, and creating events in Denmark with an international focus, just as the World Symposium.

The foundation of Choral Denmark indicates a new way of thinking in the Danish Choral environment. Professional singers and conductors join forces with the large amateur Choral society, the publishers and recording companies.
Choral Denmark Members:
Danish Association of Professional Choruses (DKF)
Association of Danish Choral Conductors (DKL)
Danish Amateur Choral Federation (DAM)
Danish Broadcasting Corporation DR
Danish Composers' Society
IFPI Denmark
Danish Music Publishers Association
Danish Organist- and Cantor Society
The National Advisor for Amateur Music
The Copenhagen Municipal Choir School (Sct.
The Choral Denmark Board:
Niels Gręsholm, chairman (DKL)
Henriette Elimar (DKF)
Ulrik Hedegaard (DAM)






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